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General information

Female - 27 years old- Netherlands - bilingual (English and Dutch)

Currently doing some home-studies about cartoon and comic making, and is currently working on multiple projects at a time. She is generally a high energy person, but is easily affected by her own emotions, as she has a mild form of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise specified, aka. Autistic Spectrum Disorder), but tries not to let it affect her. Tends to worry and stress easily, but is a hard worker and likes to get the job done.

Tools of use


  • wacom intuos pen & touch (small)
  • Art programs: Firealpaca - Gimp and MS-paint


  • Gray pencils and recently colored pencils (varying brands)
  • crayons (the blendy kind)
  • paper (plain white A4, A5 and rarely A3 size)

Where can you find me?:

Poisondragon88 (main) & PDthedragonwarrior (DW account) on DeviantArt

TwistedPD / PD's pure light blog / Elementrians info & ask blog on tumblr

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